Download SLOODLE and get the in-world tools

The SLOODLE software comes in two parts: the 'server-side' modules which you download and install in Moodle, and the 'in-world' tools which you obtain and use in Second Life or OpenSim. All of the SLOODLE software is available free of charge, licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.

The current version of SLOODLE is version 2.1, which runs on Moodle versions 1.9 and 2.x. It is designed for Second Life and OpenSim.

Note: From SLOODLE 2 above, your Moodle server needs to be able to send HTTP messages to SL/OpenSim. For some hosts this requires adjusting firewall settings. See the network requirements for more details. The older SLOODLE 1.x does not have this limitation, but only runs on Moodle 1.9 or below.

Get the server-side Moodle components:

The download archive consists of:

  • An activity module, which installs to mod/sloodle.
  • A menu block, which installs to blocks/sloodle_menu.
  • An additional optional menu block, which installs to blocks/sloodle_backpack.
  • An optional assignment type, which installs to mod/assignment/type/sloodleobject.

See the installation instructions for more detailed information about how to install the components in Moodle.

If you prefer you can check out the code from the Git repository. Please use the release-2.1 branch.
Older code from version 1.2 code and earlier is managed in Subversion at Google Code.

Get the in-world tools:

Start using the tools:

See the guide for SLOODLE 2 or SLOODLE 1 for information about how to add SLOODLE activities to your course and setup and use the tools in-world.