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Sloodle objects can usually be manually configured by putting a notecard in their inventory. This notecard is called "sloodle_config", and will be the same basic format, and have the same basic information, for any object.

NOTE: The text for a "sloodle_config" notecard can be automatically generated for you by the Sloodle Notecard Setup Page.


This is an example of a basic sloodle_config notecard, which provides enough information for the basic configuration of most objects:


The first line indicates the address of the Moodle site which is being used. The second specifies the "Prim Password", which is used for security. And the third line indicates which Moodle course is being used. Some objects may add their own additional configuration settings, but the above is usually enough for most purposes.

Here is a tutorial video that explains how to generate a sloodle_config notecard:

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