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The WebIntercom connects the public text chat in Second Life to a chatroom in Moodle. This allows chat to be shared between Second Life and Moodle, which is useful if some people do not have access to Second Life. (A good example of this is the Teen Grid, where some users may not have clearance -- an authorised user could setup a WebIntercom while others chat from Moodle). The Moodle chat is also logged, which is useful for keeping a record of in-world chat sessions. In order to view archived chat, users can simply go to your Moodle course page, click on the Moodle Chat activity, and select "View past Sessions".

Note: 'WebIntercom' used to be known as the 'chat cast' or 'chat logger'.


The WebIntercom is a sub-component of the Sloodle Set, so please check the Sloodle Set Compatibility information.


Automatic Configuration

The WebIntercom is distributed as part of the Sloodle Set. It is recommended that you use the official Object Distributor to obtain an appropriate Set for your Sloodle version. Rez and configure the Sloodle Set, and click on the object vendor box (the tall one in the middle). Select the "WebIntercom" option from the dialog that appears, and a WebIntercom should be rezzed for you.

The Sloodle Set will automatically configure the WebIntercom for you, so it should be ready to use.

Notecard Configuration

If you prefer, you can configure the WebIntercom manually using a notecard. It uses the same format as the 'sloodle_config' notecard for a Sloodle Set, so you can use the Sloodle notecard setup page on your Moodle site to generate one. The text from there should be placed into a notecard called "sloodle_config" in the WebIntercom's inventory. You will need to reset the WebIntercom script before replacing the notecard.

Notecard configuration is useful because:

  • it will not lose its configuration when it is reset
  • it does not require the use of a Sloodle Set every time

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