The Sloodle Vending machine is used as a way to distribute objects to your students in Second Life. Once rezzed in Second Life, the teacher must configure it to connect to a "Distributer" activity in Moodle. After configuration is complete, the teacher can control-drag items into the Vending Machine. These objects will then appear as menu items for students to retreive once they click on the vending machine. All objects dropped into the SLOODLE Vending Machine will also be displayed on your Moodle Website in the Distributer Activity that was connected to the Vending Machine. Using Moodle, the objects can be sent to individualt students directly from the Distributer activity without having to log into Second Life. This therefore can be a useful and time saving way of distributing important Second Life objects to your students who are using Second Life


  1. Set up a Distributer activity in Moodle
  2. Rez a Vending Machine in Second Life (You can get one by clicking on a Sloodle Set which has been configured for your class)
  3. Touch the Vending machine.
  4. The Vending Machine will then prompt you to type your moodle website without the trailing backslash. Do this and press enter.
  5. A blue menu will appear that says Go To Page
  6. Your Moodle website will then load. If you are not logged in, log into your Moodle Website
  7. You will then see an authentication page. Select which controller you'd like to Connect with. If this object was rezzed via the SLOODLE Set, you will not have to choose the correct controller, rather you will automatically be taken to the next step
  8. Now, Select the Distributer activity you'd like the Vending Machine to be connected to.
  9. Press Submit
  10. In Second Life, touch the Vending Machine again.
  11. A blue menu will appear, select "Download Configuration"
  12. Your Vending Machine is now ready for use. Control Drag objects onto the Vending Machine
  13. When you are finished dragging objects, touch the vending machine again
  14. A blue menu will appear, select "cmd" for the command menu
  15. Select "Reconnect" This will upload the details of the objects you've put into your vending machine, so that they can be viewed on your moodle website.