Sloodle in Second Life

After you have SLOODLE setup on your Moodle site (or if this has been provided for you by your system administrators), you will need to use the SLOODLE objects in Second Life to interact with it. (where do I get the Sloodle objects?)

Educational Tools

  • SLOODLE Presenter* - Web-author media presentations mixing images, video and web-pages, without uploading images into Second Life. (* new for 0.4)
  • Sloodle WebIntercom - Synchronizes chat (live!) between a sloodle chat and Second Life
  • Sloodle Toolbar - Wearable toolbar/HUD for blogging, classroom gestures and more
  • Sloodle Quiz Chair - Fetches questions from the Moodle Quiz module and gives students the quiz in-world.
  • Sloodle Pile On Quiz - A multi-user quiz to involve your class
  • Sloodle Prim Drop - Accepts Second Life objects and logs transactions in a Moodle database. A great way for students to hand in assignments in-world!
  • Sloodle MetaGloss - Lets you access a Moodle glossary from in-world
  • Sloodle Choice - Lets students respond to a Moodle choice from in-world
  • Sloodle Vending Machine - Allows web-controlled and in-world distribution of objects
  • Sloodle Picture Gloss - Provides an in-world Glossary where users can search via chat commands. When a Glossary entry is found, the texture stored for that glossary entry is displayed on a Prim in Second Life.

Registration/Enrolment Objects

Use these to register avatars with Moodle and enrol them in courses (see Registration and Enrolment for more info):

  • Sloodle Registration Booth - Checks if avatars are registered in your Moodle site, helps them register if they're not. From SLOODLE 0.4 on, this will also enrol the Moodle user onto the corresponding course if not already enrolled.
  • Sloodle Access Checker - (used to be called Classroom) Checks if avatars are supposed to be in the class.
  • Sloodle Access Checker Door - Checks if avatars are supposed to be in the class, in exactly the same way as the Sloodle Access Checker. If the avatar is allowed to enter, it opens to let them through.
  • Sloodle Login Zone - An alternative tool for registering avatars. Create a 3D zone in Second Life. Users clicking on the corresponding link in Moodle are given a SLurl link to teleport to Second Life. When their avatar appears in the zone, it will be registered to their Moodle user account.

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Sloodle in Moodle

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