The Slodle 1.0 Set
The SLOODLE 0.4 Set

The Sloodle Set is the most important in-world component of Sloodle. It automates the rezzing and configuration of most other Sloodle objects, which can make Educators' jobs quicker and easier. Once set up and configured, it can rez all of the other SLOODLE tools. You can obtain the SLOODLE Set either by visiting the SLOODLE Freemarket area on SLOODLE island, or by visiting Linden Lab's ebay-like XStreetSl Online Web Shop. We have an avatar registered there named "Sloodle Alchemi". If you view Sloodle Alchemi's web page on XstreetSL - you can have the SLOODLE Set delivered to your avatar directly!

UPDATE: As of version 1.0 of Sloodle, we have a new design for the Sloodle Set. It has been designed to be more compact, and sleek looking, with all the same features as our old set.

UPDATE: The rezzer has been updated again in SLOODLE 2.

What's inside the Sloodle Set 1.0 and 0.4

As of April 2009, you can find the following tools in the Sloodle Set

  1. Sloodle Access Checker
  2. Sloodle Access Checker Door (Not included in Sloodle 1.0 Set)
  3. Sloodle Choice (Horizontal and Vertical)
  4. Sloodle Login Zone
  5. Sloodle MetaGloss
  6. Sloodle Password Reset
  7. Sloodle Presenter
  8. Sloodle Prim Drop
  9. Sloodle Quiz Chair
  10. Sloodle Quiz Pile on
  11. Sloodle Registration Booth
  12. Sloodle WebIntercom
  13. Sloodle Vending Machine
  14. Sloodle Postcard Blogger (Freemail) (This is an addon)
  15. Sloodle Toolbar
  16. Sloodle Object Distributor
  17. Sloodle Picture Gloss


The table below gives the Sloodle Set version number, alongside the compatible Sloodle Versions and Moodle versions. Please note that all objects which the Sloodle Set rezzes and configures are considered sub-components, so their compatibility is subject to the Set's compatibility. (Note: "x" indicates that any minor-release of that version should work. E.g. Sloodle version "0.1x" could mean both 0.1 and 0.19).

Sloodle Set version Sloodle versions Moodle versions Notes
0.9 0.4 1.8x, 1.9x -
0.8 0.3 1.8x, 1.9x -
0.71 0.2, 0.21 1.6x, 1.8x, 1.9x(?) Latest version is 0.71
0.70x 0.2, 0.21 1.6x, 1.8x, 1.9x(?) Latest version is 0.706
0.63, 0.64 0.1x 1.6x, 1.8x -
< 0.63 unknown 1.6x, 1.8x Please do not use older versions.


Youtube Setup Video

Transcripts: English | Italian | Polish| Spanish

Automatic Configuration

The simplest way to configure your Sloodle Set is the automatic method (note: this method requires that your server supports outgoing XMLRPC, so you may not be able to use it). You also require to be an administrator of your Moodle site in order to use this method.

  1. Click on the controller panel (the slanted panel at one side of the Sloodle Set)
  2. In the text chat, you should see: enter your moodle site without the trailing backslash.
  3. Type your Moodle web-address (without a trailing slash) on chat channel 1, for example:

   * Note: you must have "http://" at the beginning, and no trailing slash at the end. 
  1. Another dialog will appear. Click "Go to page", which should open your web-browser.
  2. Login to your Moodle if necessary.
  3. Select the Controller that this Sloodle Set will connect with.
  4. Click "Yes" to authorize the Sloodle Set
  5. Go back to Second Life.
  6. Touch the Sloodle Set again, you will get a blue menu that says: Download configuration. Select that option.
  7. You should then see text chat: configuration received.
  8. You are now ready to start rezzing sloodle tools.

NOTE: there is currently a bug which prevents the Sloodle WebIntercom from working when the Sloodle Set has been configured in this way. Please see issue 33 for more information.

Notecard Configuration

If you prefer, you can configure the Sloodle Set manually using a notecard. It uses the standard 'sloodle_config' notecard format, so you can use the Sloodle notecard setup page on your Moodle site to generate one. Use one of the following methods to add your configuration notecard to the Sloodle Set:

  1. Your Sloodle Set should may already contain a 'sloodle_config' notecard. If so, attempt to edit it to add the text from the Sloodle notecard setup page. If you cannot edit it, then delete it.
  2. Your Sloodle Set may also contain a 'sloodle_config_sample' notecard. Once again you can edit this to add the configuration text, but you then must rename it to 'sloodle_config'.
  3. If neither of these is possible, then create a new notecard in your inventory (right-click your "Notecards" folder, and select "New Note"). Rename your new notecard 'sloodle_config', then paste the configuration text inside. Edit the Sloodle Set, and drag the notecard from your inventory into the Set's contents.

Now, click the slanted panel of the Sloodle Set, and click "Reset" on the menu which appears. After a few moments, you should see the address of your Moodle site appear over the Sloodle Set. At this point, it is ready to use.

Usage Sloodle 1.0

See Slodle 1.0 Quick Start

Usage Sloodle 0.4

There are 2 parts in your Sloodle Set.

Controller Panel

Also known as the "configuration panel". This is the slanted panel at one side of the Sloodle Set, and you touch this when you want to configure or reset the entire Sloodle Set.

Sloodle Set Object Dispensor

Also known as the "object vendor": this is the large box in the middle of the Sloodle Set. Click it to see a menu of items which the Sloodle Set can rez. Version 0.7x should contain the following items:

  1. Sloodle Access Checker
  2. Sloodle Access Checker Door
  3. Sloodle Choice (Horizontal and Vertical)
  4. Sloodle Login Zone
  5. Sloodle MetaGloss
  6. Sloodle Password Reset
  7. Sloodle Prsenter
  8. Sloodle Prim Drop
  9. Sloodle Quiz Chair
  10. Sloodle Quiz Pile on
  11. Sloodle Registration Booth
  12. Sloodle WebIntercom
  13. Sloodle Vending Machine
  14. Sloodle Postcard Blogger (Freemail)
  15. Sloodle Toolbar
  16. Sloodle Object Distributor

Click on the appropriately numbered button on the dialog to rez the item. When an item is rezzed, the Sloodle Set will automatically configure it, so you do not need to configure each item individually (although you may if you prefer). When rezzed, you may move and rotate each item by right-clicking it, and selecting "Edit". It is advisable to keep the objects within fairly close proximity of each other, so that it is obvious that they all belong to a specific Moodle course.

You can only use this when the Sloodle Set is fully configured.

Profile Manager

Note: the profile management tools are prone to bugs!

This is the medium-size box at the opposite end from the Controller Panel, and it allows the management of classroom 'profiles'. A profile is a customizable list of Sloodle objects and their locations, so you can quickly re-create a specific layout. Each profile has a specific name, and they are stored in the Moodle database for each course. As such, you will not lose your Profiles if you delete your Sloodle Set.

Each profile in a single course must have a unique name, although you can

It is controlled via a dialog menu which you can see by touching the Profile Manager. The following lists each menu option:


Save As

When you have rezzed various items using the [[Sloodle Set#Object Dispensor|]], you can save the layout as a new profile by selecting "Save As" from the Profile Manager menu. You need to specify a name for your profile by chatting it on channel 1. For example, if you want to name your profile "classroom", then you would chat the following:

/1 classroom

Note: The profile name should be fairly short. The absolute maxmimum length is 24 characters, but it is advisable to keep it shorter than 10.


If you have previously saved your current layout (using "Save As"), or you have loaded an existing one, then you can save it with the current profile name. Select "Save" from the Profile Manager menu (note: this button will not be visible if there is no current profile). This will delete the stored layout, and save your new one instead.


Click on "Load" from the Profile Manager menu, and a list of available profiles will be visible. Click on the button with the name of the profile you want to load. It can take several seconds to fuly rez a layout, so you may need to wait. Note that more than 12 profiles will cause an error in the Profile Manager, in which case you will need to reset or re-rez the whole Sloodle Set, or else the Profile Manager features may not be available.


Clicking on "Cleanup" will delete all objects currently rezzed by that Sloodle Set, and close the Profile.


Click "Cancel" if you do not want to use the Profile Manger after all.


There is no way to manage your classroom setup profiles through Moodle, and no way to delete existing profiles without directly editing the database. There are no plans to introduce such functionality, as the concept of profiles may be changed for the next version of Sloodle. (If we introduce instance-based Sloodle, then each instance of a Sloodle Virtual Classroom will be a single profile. In this case, you will edit the profile by editing the module instance in Moodle.)

Also note that currently objects rezzed by the Profile Manager end up offset slightly. This is a fairly minor issue, although it will be dealt with at some point.

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