Allows users to attempt a multiple-choice Moodle quiz from within Second Life, and receive visual feedback.

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Are you looking for a way to spice up the classroom and make your weekly quizes a fun filled activity? Are your students tired and bored of all the work they have to do - just to stay on top? Well look no more - have a seat on the SLOODLE Quiz Chair.

Once connected to your SLOODLE Website, the Quiz Chair will download your multiple choice quizes, and send your students soaring! No really, by answering the questions, the chair will actually go up, or down, depending on their answers. Your students could even have races in Second Life, to see who will soar higher!

The Great news is, while all of fun is taking place, the quiz chair automatically stores quiz results in the Moodle Database, and in your Gradebook - so... why not give it a try? Check it all out in SLOODLE 0.4

The Quiz Chair now included with Sloodle 1.0 Set has some new features: It now listens to numerical and short answers through local chat and multiple choice and true-false through the dialog menus.

Four example MOODLE questions that the Quiz chair supports are listed below:



The Quiz Chair is a sub-component of the Sloodle Set, so please check the Sloodle Set Compatibility information.

The Quiz Chair will work with any standard Moodle quiz (not CLOZE quizzess) containing only multiple choice questions. There are a few restrictions to be aware of:

  • Only plain text works in Second Life (you will not see any text formatting or images)
  • The Quiz Chair has limited memory, so try to keep questions, answers and feedback fairly short

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