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This Sloodle Choice tool allows the instructor to bring MOODLE Choice activities into Second Life. So what is a Moodle Choice Activity? The Choice activity module provides a means to run polls, elections or general information gathering from participants in a course. Therefore, once a poll has been set up via the choice activity in Moodle, you can rez and connect it to a SLOODLE Choice object in SL - to have your Poll graphically reprsented in the 3d world.


  1. Set up a choice activity on your MOODLE website first.
  2. Rez a SLOODLE Choice object in Second Life, either by clicking on the SLOODLE Set, and rezzing it, or pulling it from your inventory. You can choose either a horizontal or vertical Choice Tool. Vertical and Horizontal simply refers to the direction that the polls will be displayed - as vertical or horizontal colored bars.
  3. Touch the Choice Activity object.
  4. The Choice object will then prompt you to type your moodle website without the trailing backslash. Do this and press enter.
  5. A blue menu will appear that says Go To Page
  6. Your Moodle website will then load. If you are not logged in, log into your Moodle Website
  7. You will then see an authentication page. Select which controller you'd like to Connect with. If this object was rezzed via the SLOODLE Set, you will not have to choose the correct controller, rather you will automatically be taken to the next step
  8. Now, Select the Choice activity you'd like the Choice tool to be connected to.
  1. Press Submit
  2. In Second Life, touch the Choice tool again.
  3. A blue menu will appear, select "Download Configuration"
  4. Your Vending Machine is now ready for use. Colored bars should appear to display respective choice sellections. You will also see colored hover text displaying each choice in your choice activity.


Using the Choice tool is easy. Each Choice in your choice activity will be displayed as colored hover text. The main question will be displayed as hover text aswell at the top of the choice tool in Second Life. To submit their choice, a student simply needs to click on the colored bar matching the color of the hover text of their choice preference.

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