Use this quickstart guide if you have the Sloodle code properly installed on the Moodle server and you want to start using tools immediately.

Create a Moodle course

If you don't already have one, create a course in Moodle:

  • Administration > Courses (From the site homepage)
  • Add/edit courses
  • Name your new course and leave everything default

Add the "Controller" module in Moodle

A "controller" is used to connect SLOODLE to your course. To do this:

  • Turn editing on in your new Moodle course
  • Add an activity... pulldown menu
  • Click on SLOODLE Controller
  • Fill in Name and Description (Required but not important)
  • Click Save and return to course

Find and Rez the SLOODLE Objects

  • Get the objects in Second Life:
  • Set your avatar's group to the same group as the land
  • Rez the SLOODLE Rezzer
  • Enter the URL of your Moodle site on the screen of the rezzer. To save time next time, you can put the URL of your Moodle site (beginning "http") in the description field of the rezzer.
  • Log into your Moodle site on the screen of the rezzer.
  • Click on the controller that you added earlier.
  • Click on a scene. This represents a group of objects that you will rez together. If you didn't have any, one will have been created for you automatically to get you started.
  • If you get a "connection failed" error on the rezzer screen, it may be that a firewall is preventing your Moodle server from talking to your rezzer. See the Network requirements for more information.
  • Click on a tool that you want to rez. These are grouped into sections like "Quizzes and Activities"
  • Click the Add button. (If you wa to customize the settings of the tool, you can do this before you click "Add".)
  • Click the Rez button at the top of the screen. If you have added several objects but want to rez them one at a time, click the small "Rez" button next to the object.
  • You will usually want to move the objects around to different positions in-world. If you want to save those positions to use again later, click the "Freeze" button.
  • You can take objects into your inventory and rez them yourself later. They will remember the settings you originally created them with. Please note that this doesn't work if you copy objects by shift-dragging. To make multiple copies of an object, take it into inventory first.
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