Use this quickstart guide if you have the Sloodle code properly installed on the Moodle server and you want to start using tools immediately.

Create a Moodle course

  • Administration > Courses (From the site homepage)
  • Add/edit courses
  • Name your new course and leave everything default

Add the "Controller" module in Moodle

  • Turn editing on in your new Moodle course
  • Add an activity... pulldown menu
  • Click on SLOODLE Controller
  • Fill in Name and Description (Required but not important)
  • Click Save and return to course

Find and Rez the SLOODLE Objects

Connect Moodle to Second Life

There are Two ways to connect the Sloodle Set to Moodle. 1) Web Configuration, and 2) The Notecard Configuration. The Web configuration method is newer, and is recommended for security and simplicity.

1. Web Configuration

  • Touch the door of the sloodle set - and it will open up


  • Touch the "Connect Moodle" button, then Chat your Moodle web address


  • Click Go To Page on the blue menu


  • Select the controller from the course you want to work with


  • Click Submit - you should see "Object authorization has been successful."
  • Go Back to Second Life viewer
  • Touch the Connect Moodle button again


  • Click button 1 - (1=Download configuration)


2. Notecard Configuration

The Sloodle 1.0 Set Can be configured via a Notecard. It uses the standard 'sloodle_config' notecard format, so you can use the Sloodle notecard setup page on your Moodle site to generate one. Use one of the following methods to add your configuration notecard to the Sloodel Set.

  1. Your Sloodle Set may already contain a 'sloodle_config' notecard. If so, attempt to edit it to add the text from the Sloodle notecard setup page. If you cannot edit it, then delete it.
  2. Your Sloodle Set may also contain a 'sloodle_config_sample' notecard. Once again you can edit this to add the configuration text, but you then must rename it to 'sloodle_config'.
  3. If neither of these is possible, then create a new notecard in your inventory (right-click your "Notecards" folder, and select "New Note"). Rename your new notecard 'sloodle_config', then paste the configuration text inside. Edit the Sloodle Set, and drag the notecard from your inventory into the Set's contents.

Now, click the slanted panel of the Sloodle Set, and click "Reset" on the menu which appears. After a few moments, you should see the address of your Moodle site appear over the Sloodle Set. At this point, it is ready to use.

Rez and Connect the Learning Tools

  • Touch the button that says "Rez Me" to rez classroom objects


  • Choose a tool and rez it


  • Add the Activity in Moodle - Example:
    • MetaGloss = Glossary (add some terms and definitions)
  • Touch the tool and connect it as you did the SLOODLE Set

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